Bypass iCloud Activation lock on any iPhone or iPad

It is possible to bypass the iCloud activation lock on any iPhone or iPad?

The answer is YES. Sooner or later there are always some hackers that try to find exploits inside any iOS version. It is just a matter of time and the hackers will show up with new glitches. Why iOS isn’t perfect? Well, the answer is that no software is perfect. With all the changes and new features that are is being added to the software, some bugs will appear inside the software.

It is pretty normal to see such glitches and cracks inside the software. This is the reason that software is being updated and things are fixed sever times a year. These glitches are perfect for people to recover their iCloud accounts. If those exploits didn’t exist, most of the jailbreak solutions and iCloud removal tools didn’t come to life. You must understand that this is a good thing for the entire jailbreak community.

Can we recover the iCloud account on iOS 13?

Bypassing iCloud account on iOS 13 is not an easy task. The security measures increased a lot in the past years but there are still bugs that can be exploited. As you heard from the previous posts, a new iCloud removal solution is under development. We expect to launch it in this autumn. New features are added inside the new tool, you will get surprised by the news version.

The latest iCloud removal tool will support all the new iPad’s and iPhone’s that will be released this year. We will make sure that everything is in place and as soon as the Apple devices will get released, we will test our solution and then release it to the market. Like the other version, this iCloud unlocking tool will be free to use and download. Stay tuned for new updates!