iCloud Bypass Tool - Best in class solution to activate your iPhone

There are many ways to bypass an iCloud lock screen but almost all of them are temporary solutions and does not work if the device has been reset to factory settings. First method is to do an iCloud bypass tool download to recover the password that has been used on the iCloud account. To do that you need access to the email account that has been used to set up the account. Most of the users forgot this email because they are creating fresh emails just to fill the iCloud details which is totally wrong. An iCloud account must to be created with an email that the owner is already using. In this way chances to face iCloud lock screen issues are minimal.

iCloud Bypass with a DNS Server

DNS Server is not the best option to do an iCloud bypass because the device itself it will be still locked. For those who don't have access to the previous email, recovering an iCloud account is an impossible task without the right tools. Because we found that a lot of users fall into this issue, we decided to create a tool that is able to remove the iCloud account that is stored on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. This bypass icloud activation lock method is working with any device that has been reset to factory settings. Keep in mind that reported devices as lost need a separated verification. After your device meet the requirements, you need to enter in DFU mode and connect it to a computer where our software is installed.

iCloud Bypass tool download

Once connected the iCloud bypass tool, your PC will automatically detect your device and it will erase the icloud account stored on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. After that your device will be fully functional and you can acces any function because this icloud removal solution it is permament and does not require aditional settings. If you receive any errors while connecting your device to the PC, make sure your are using an original USB cable, and fully functional. Other bugs was not reported to us, our software being compatible with any Windows OS 36 or 64 bit. Feel free to get in touch with us for further questions.

How to bypass iCloud activation lock in 2020

Unlocking iCloud in 2020 with our exploits should be an easy task for anybody. With our most secret exploits integrated into the latest version released in 2020, you can now bypass any activation lock screen for any iPhone, iPod or iPad. As we said above, reported devices as lost or stolen needs a separated verification before you start using the tool. Your device is scanned automatically while is connected to the software. If your device is problematic, we can't remove the account from it. In other words, your device must be clean. By clean device, we mean that it must be not reported as lost. Blacklisted devices are fully supported.

iCloud bypass for any iPAD or iPhone

Because we love to code apps for the entire Apple community, we decided to release an update for our app that supports also iPad devices. More than that we have included support for all iOS from iOS 10 to iOS 13. Now you can remove the iCloud account for any iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 10, iPhone X and iPhone XR. Any iOS version is supported. For future updates, you just need to check the app for newer features. Once we have new features that we can add to the app we will release it and your iCloud removal tool will auto-update to the latest version. Please make sure you run it weekly in order to keep it updated.

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